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Free Weaving Workshop for Kids in Chennai: ECC #2

Welcome to the second installment of Excel Community Connect (ECC) Workshops, hosted by Excel Global School! Our mission is to foster creativity and community engagement among the children in the neighborhood. In this month's workshop, we delved into the exciting world of weaving. Children from the surrounding area joined us for a hands-on experience where they learned to create looms using cardboard and used colorful yarn to weave beautiful materials. Join us as we recap this engaging and inspiring ECC Workshop.

The ECC Workshop began with the children receiving cardboard pieces, which they transformed into looms. Under the guidance of our skilled instructors, the kids learned how to cut the cardboard into strips of equal width. These strips served as the framework for their looms. The children discovered the versatility of cardboard as they folded and secured one strip into a loop, creating the anchor for their weaving.

Children making looms with cardboard, popsicle sticks and glue
Getting the cardboard looms ready

Once the looms were ready, the children eagerly started weaving using a variety of vibrant yarns. With their looms securely set up, they began the process of warping, attaching additional cardboard strips vertically to their loom loops. These vertical strips, known as the warp, created the foundation for their weaving.

With the warp in place, the children deftly wove the weft, using the provided yarn. They skillfully moved the yarn horizontally, going over and under the warp strips, alternating the pattern with each row. The rhythmic motions and intricate weaving techniques fascinated the young participants as they saw their creations come to life.

Children weaving with their cardboard looms, teacher assisting with it

During the ECC Workshop, the children were encouraged to explore their creativity by experimenting with different colors, textures, and patterns. The vibrant yarns allowed them to weave unique designs, adding their personal touch to the artwork. The workshop created an environment where the children felt empowered to express themselves through the medium of weaving.

Children having fun weaving with their friends

As the workshop progressed, the children's enthusiasm and excitement grew. They delighted in seeing their woven materials take shape, reflecting their creative choices and efforts. The ECC Workshop fostered a sense of pride and accomplishment as each child successfully completed their weaving projects.

Excel Community Connect (ECC) Workshops are designed to strengthen the bonds within the community. By offering these workshops to children from the neighborhood surrounding Excel Global School, we aim to provide them with opportunities to engage in enriching activities and form lasting connections with their peers.

Children showing off their woven masterpieces

The weaving workshop not only nurtured their artistic skills but also facilitated teamwork, cooperation, and mutual support among the children. It was heartening to witness their shared experiences and the friendships that blossomed during the ECC Workshop.

The second ECC Workshop, focused on weaving, was a resounding success. The children eagerly embraced the artform, creating looms from cardboard and weaving intricate materials using colorful yarns. Through this engaging and hands-on experience, the children honed their creative abilities, expanded their artistic horizons, and formed meaningful connections within their community.

Excel Global School remains committed to providing free monthly ECC Workshops that inspire creativity, foster community engagement, and empower the children in the neighborhood to explore their potential. We look forward to the next workshop, where we will continue to nurture the talents and imaginations of the young participants, promoting a love for the arts and a sense of belonging in their community.

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