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AGES 3 TO 6 


Our Early Years Program

Brothers Playing

Early Years 1
3-4 Years

The EY1 program offers thoughtfully designed activities and experiences that cater to the unique needs and abilities of each child, aiming to enhance their knowledge and skills, thus facilitating a smooth transition to the next stage.


Early Years 2
4-5 Years

EY2 emphasizes the development of children's literacy and numeracy skills, laying a solid foundation while aligning with the five focus areas in the Excel Curriculum.

Early Years 3
5-6 Years

EY 3 nurtures emotional maturity, fosters physical development, enhances social and communication skills, all with a key emphasis on cultivating resilience to prepare children for the next phase of their educational journey.

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Our three early years programs are thoughtfully crafted to promote a balanced approach to purposeful learning within the Excel Curriculum and its holistic focus areas. These encompass literacy, numeracy, awareness, sustainability, art, and craft, along with essential areas like self-management skills, social skills, communication skills, thinking skills, and research skills. Each day, children at Excel engage in a rich blend of educator-initiated and child-initiated activities. This includes imaginative play, all within a meticulously designed indoor and outdoor environment, fostering independence and growth.

Our Learning Spaces

Excel's Kindergarten Learning Spaces are thoughtfully designed environments that foster creativity, curiosity, and active learning. Each space is carefully curated to inspire young minds and provide a rich educational experience, ensuring that every child's journey into learning is engaging and meaningful.

Letting their curiosity thrive

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